Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sexy Diva Chae Yeon was a tomboy! 110210

Sexy Queen Chae Yeon past was revealed today on MBC’s Good day, and apparently there is a ‘tomboy’ hiding underneath the ’sexy singer’ image!

On today’s broadcast of MBC’s Good day, Chae Yeon appeared with her parents. One of the questions that were delivered to her parents was ‘What was she like in her past?’

The answer: “When her older brother came home crying after getting beat up by his friends, Chae Yeon went after them with a broomstick saying she would extract his revenge”.

Chae Yeon then elaborated that, “during my school days, I was like a wild tomboy. Even older guys would treat me like a younger brother”. The MC replied in disbelief “that’s unbelievable.” In response, Chae Yeon confessed “My ‘Sexy singer’ image was manufactured” bringing laughter to the crowd.

Another shocking fact that was revealed earlier in the program, Chae Yeon revealed “because of the sexy singer image, I’ve stayed away from public bathhouses for 8 years.” Chae Yeon was scared about people criticize her figure so she didn’t go, idol’s life is tough!

Original Source: sports khan
Translation: janeberryblue@kpoplive

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