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Cafe Message 241010

Hi~~~ baby baby baby~~~

Been busy for the past few days, finally having a day off tomorrow~~~~~~~~~

Ah, it's today??

Our mini had a major operation~~ please pray for her to heal very soon ^^;

Is it...too sudden??? ㅠㅠ

listen to my lover ^^

Recently, I have had these thoughts alot..

Even though, I usually have alot of thoughts

Thought I shouldn't just pass I decided today I will write what.....

Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~ what should I write? haha

But....when are we going to meet????

Translation Credits: and ST@Yeonic

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chae Yeon’s beautiful selcas before bedtime 111010

Singer Chae Yeon has revealed images of herself before she fell asleep.

The photo shows her beneath her bedsheet, depicting different images of a no-makeup Chae Yeon, from pouty lips to a cute picture of herself covering her face.

On October 11th, Chae Yeon posted the photo on her Twitter saying,

“Have a good night~~^^ Woke up after dozing off, I wonder if I’ll be able to fall asleep again~ Aheung (>人<;) Although it’s a little frank, I think my eyebrows look good ke ke Boasting about my self (#^.^#) Looks like I’ll have to thank my dad today for giving me pretty eyebrows~~ Kkyak”

Netizens commented, “Your no makeup face is really lovely“, “Are you a goddess when you sleep too?“, “You have pretty face and good complexion, you could be a cosmetics model” and “You really have pretty eyebrows.”

Credit to Allkpop, Newsen and Chae Yeon's twitter

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chae Yeon’s photo album had record sales 090910

Sexy singer Chae Yeon revealed today on Mnet show “Beatle’s Code” that her 2008 photo album sold a record amount of copies.

She stated during the interview, “Though there probably hasn’t been anyone to break my record… in reality, I haven’t made that much money from it.” She also added, “People think I made a lot of money from photo album sales, but that’s not true. When my photo album came out, most of the other albums featured nude pictures so I though mine wouldn’t be that popular. I didn’t think anyone would want an album of me clothed so I wasn’t expecting much and I didn’t make an agreement for royalties.”

Despite her doubts, Chae Yeon revealed that the photo album went on to sell a million copies. Understandably, she was a bit disappointed that she had settled for a one-time payment.

DJ Doc also appeared on the show sharing a similar experience. “After our debut, our popularity rose and we made a good amount of money, but there were many costs as well so we suffered a lot. It was so bad that during promotions for our 6th album, we only had two outfits for our single ‘I Wanna’. Performing on four music programs with only two outfits was difficult so we ended up stopping our appearances.”

Credits: Newsen and Allkpop

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cyworld Diary Entry 170810

NOTE: I try my best to translate everything as accurate as possible, please forgive if I ever make any mistakes!

Am I bad??
Of course not?

Let me talk about Look Look Look

If you like it from a "innocent" liking, I am very happy...
If you like it because you want to get closer to me, talk to me and take photos with me

I am truly super super thankful
But, when people ask me for a photo and autograph, they expect a thank you from me

This makes me feel a bit uncertain

Because I can't reject, so I take the photos and sign for them politely...
Smiling and greeting
Casually, they are showing a way of politeness
I think this is worth thanking for~!
Because this is worth rejoicing for~~

Some people say that I am pretending
Those people without conscience makes me feel hurt
I am a person too, sometimes I think that its better to not being able to hear things is better??
Whats the point of that? Makes them feel better?

Even though....I still must endure....

Due to these situations
It makes me have bad attitude towards friends
Very rude

When angry I can transform into someone else?
Transform into Salt's, Angelina Jolie?

Make me angry again?? keke

Translation Credit: and ST@Yeonic

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yeon Twits Outfit That is Banned from Television 080810

On the 8th, Chae Yeon posted a photo of an outfit for her latest track, Look Look Look. Along with the photo, there was also a statement, "The outfit which I cannot wear on public television...but I really like it....^^ when I can wear it....have to make it look good".

In the photo, Chae Yeon is wearing a deep V dress along with a sexy pose. Fans comments "No doubt about being sexy queen", "Can't wear it on public television, what a pity" and "Really sexy".

Translation Credit: 秀猴 and ST@Yeonic

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kiss The Radio 060810

Credits as tagged

Cuts on Star Golden Bell 070810

Key rejects Chae Yeon as his ideal girl 080810

On the August 7th’s airing of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, SHINee member Key, and the recently returned sexy queen Chae Yeon, both made an appearances as this week’s special guests.

Chae Yeon was partnered with Super Junior’s Shindong, whereas Key was coupled with his fellow group-mate Jonghyun. Chaeyeon described Shindong’s charms by saying, “He’s a fresh man that smells like toothpaste. When we talk closely, I get attracted by the scent of his toothpaste. I don’t like bad boys, I like guys with a pure heart.”

After, the host Ji Suk Jin tossed a question to Key, asking how he thinks of Chae Yeon as a woman. Key then replied, “Well, I like girls that are of my age…”. This is obviously referring to Chae Yeon’s old age (ajuhmah status), since she’s almost 13 years his senior.

Poor Chae Yeon, I guess Key isn’t a fan of cougars.

Credits: Allkpop

Friday, August 6, 2010

SBS CulTwoShow 050810

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yeon @ Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate

Thought I'd post this, I really think Yeon did a FABULOUS job with the cover of this song. I hope there will be more fans who discover Yeon's real passion for singing rather than being bias on her due to the fact that she 'tries' to be too hard to be sexy or she's always trying to start something with males on variety shows etc.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chocolate 010810



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Strong Heart 270710

Chae Yeon and Lee Seung Gi liked each other?

Chae Yeon revealed her interesting relationship with Lee Seung Gi on Strong Heart.

She said, “I wanted to confirm something here. I have something to say to Lee Seung Gi. I got paired up with Lee Seung Gi for a lot of couple game shows such as Xman and Love Letter. I remember I had feelings for him aside from being on those shows.”

Strong Heart aired footage from when they were a couple on those shows and surprised both of them. Lee Seung Gi said, “I did like Chae Yeon once too.”

But then he joked, “Nothing can stop love but age can.” This made Chae Yeon a little embarrassed. They could be a cute couple, right?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cafe Message 240710

Look Look

흠.. 잠깐 집에서 쉬는중에 컴질... 한시간만 눈붙히고 나가야징~~~^^
Hm...resting at home now, playing the computer...only awhile left till I go out~~~^^

밥먹어서 배불~~
Just ate, very full~~


나두.. mr 제거 있네여~~ 신기신기~~!!
I have..MR as well~~ strange strange~~!!


사람들이 들어왔을라나??
Is everyone here??

머라구 그럴까 궁금.. ㅋㅋㅋ 크하핫
Very curious about what everyone will say...hohoho kekeke


이젠 시작에 불과하니까 힘내자구!!
It's just the start now, have to work hard!!

Translation Credit: TUGI @ and ST@Yeonic

MR of Yeon's Live Crazy and Look Look Look

Proud to present Yeon's MR, where she presents great live!

Music Core Comeback 240710

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mini Album Photos

Credits to Baidu

Look Look Look MV

Yeon Comeback on M! Countdown 220710

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mini Album Cover and Tracklist 220710

01. Nowadays women
02. Come And Get Me
03. Lie featuring A. Minor
04. Look Look Look
05. Crazy
06. Ma Lover featuring A. Minor

Credits: Baidu

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look Look Look Teaser 210710

Yeon will be carrying out her comeback stage tomorrow on M! Countdown! Wish her the best! :)

Strong Heart 200710

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Monday, July 12, 2010

BTS for New Music Video 120710

Credits: Soompi thread

Monday, July 5, 2010

Prepare for Yeon's COMEBACK! 060710

New looks for upcoming mini album? :D

Food packs fans prepared for Yeon and staff during the China trip this week

Credits: Baidu and