Saturday, August 7, 2010

Key rejects Chae Yeon as his ideal girl 080810

On the August 7th’s airing of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell, SHINee member Key, and the recently returned sexy queen Chae Yeon, both made an appearances as this week’s special guests.

Chae Yeon was partnered with Super Junior’s Shindong, whereas Key was coupled with his fellow group-mate Jonghyun. Chaeyeon described Shindong’s charms by saying, “He’s a fresh man that smells like toothpaste. When we talk closely, I get attracted by the scent of his toothpaste. I don’t like bad boys, I like guys with a pure heart.”

After, the host Ji Suk Jin tossed a question to Key, asking how he thinks of Chae Yeon as a woman. Key then replied, “Well, I like girls that are of my age…”. This is obviously referring to Chae Yeon’s old age (ajuhmah status), since she’s almost 13 years his senior.

Poor Chae Yeon, I guess Key isn’t a fan of cougars.

Credits: Allkpop


  1. What happen to being nice. Seems like fame got to the SHINee kids. Poor ChaeYeon.

  2. poor chae yeon...stupid shinee