Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Camp 281109

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yeon Message @ CAFE 261109

From.채연 09.11.26 22:50

Topic Title:Look!


Everyone is mad???

How ^^

Only having a fanmeeting in China....feeling guilty.... reality...there is you know what I'm feeling???? kekeke

But the fanmeeting in China and the mini mini mini mini concert has made Yeon Chae princess very happy~~

Mmm...there are news saying that I've lost some weight...but...ohohoho

Weather is very very cold

Be careful of catching a cold~~

We....will we be able to meet before the end of the year?? ^^

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Yeon Message @ CAFE Part II 261109

From.채연(Asia): 09.11.26 23:01

Topic Title:^^

Ni Hao (Hello in chinese pronounciation)

Wo Shi Cai Yian~~ (I am Chae Yeon in chinese pronounciation)

Deep within the night

Wear more clothes to sleep, be careful not to catch a cold

Have a nice dream!


Use them straight from the computer dictionary

Definitely defintely!!!!! No my talent

I only know the meaning, don't know how to read nor write

Though....want to express some sincerity ^^

It's late

Sleep tight, don't catch a cold

Have a nice dream~~



Continuing to work hard - Yeon Chae~~ Buahahaha

(I'm very hyper~~)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sina Top Ten Japanese/Korean Sexy Music Video

1. Chae Yeon - Two of Us
2. Koda Kumi - Juicy
3. Lee Hyori - 1O Minute
4. Ha Yoo Sun - Question
5. Chae Yeon - Only You
6. Sung Eun - Ecdysis
7. Koda Kumi - Shake It
8. Girls' Generation - Gee
9. Leah Dizon - 恋しよう
10. Mina - Pick Up the Phone

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Yeon Promotes Safe Riding for Bikes 261109

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hangatic Planner Photos 241109

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Yeon Preparing Hard for Concert, Loses Weight 241109

Korean sexy singer, Chae Yeon will be holding her very first solo concert in China very soon. Currently, preparing very hard for the concert and having a heavy work schedule, it is said that Chae Yeon is losing three kilograms in three days.

Due to this being Chae Yeon's very first solo "big" concert, Chae Yeon and her management company is feeling quite pressured, during rehearsal, everyone puts in all their efforts. Chae Yeon also personally contributed her own ideas for the performances and decorations for the stage. On the 8th of December, they are hoping that to bring out a different side of Yeon.

As for recent news about fake tickets surfacing, Chae Yeon hopes that fans will not be tricked into buying them. And she also says that she will not let herself have
any regrets for the first show.

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Bequem 241109

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeon @ Friends(?) Wedding

Performing the congratulating/blessing song! :)

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Cyworld Layout Change 231109

Proves that she's a super fan of Mickey Mouse! <3

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Final Votes for Yeon @ MAMA

So, the MAMA awards was held last night, unfortunately Yeonie did not win the Best Solo Female Artist. But, it's alright! I'm sure we all know that she is a great performer! But, here were the final results for the votes on the MAMA voting system. And, I'm quite pleased with them overall! Especially with the "Artist of the Year" category where she came in 6th overall where she was mostly competing against Idol groups.

Best Solo Female Artist

Artist of the Year

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Which Male Celebrity Did Yeon Choose for Best Photo Together?

During "Girl Who Decides The Ranks", there was a moment where the females had to choose the best male artist they had taken a photo with. Can you guess who Yeonie chose?

ANDY LAU! This was taken....last year if I'm correct, it was a charity event for the SiChuan incident where was on stage together with Jackie Chan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Six Guys One Chae Yeon 191109

Chae Yeon starred as a guest for QTV's 'Girl Who Decides The Ranks,' along with Hyun Young, Solbi, Kim Na Young, and Lee In Hye.

During the show, Chae Yeon made the other female guests jealous by revealing that 6 male celebrities have shown interest in her at the same time.

Chae Yeon stated, "At one point, there were 6 male celebrities that showed interest in me and I talked with all of them for awhile, but in the end, none of them proposed to me."

She also revealed that she was put in an awkward situation after one of her concerts in Japan. She had gone out to dinner with a group of people she worked with and the during the dinner, a Japanese male celebrity she was sitting next to grabbed her hand underneath the table. However, while still in the state of shock, another male celebrity on the other side of her then grabbed her other hand underneath the table as well.

Chae Yeon stated, "Honestly, I was interested in one of them, but there was nothing beyond that. Surprisingly, I have a pretty passive personality for a celebrity."

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sohu Interview 161109


NOTE: I only translated the section relating to her concert~

(Firstly, please greet the Sohu audience.)
Yeon: Hello everyone, I am Chae Yeon! Nice to meet everyone! *waves*

(We would like to congratulate you for your first solo concert in China next month! What are you anticipating?)
Yeon: Firstly, I'm most anticipating to see how many fans will be coming to watch the concert? So, I'm a little bit nervous. And the other thing is what will fans think of my performance.

(Fans want to know if you are preparing anything specially for the concert? You are defintely going to sing some Chinese songs, can you reveal any other preparations?)
Yeon: Due to my Chinese not being very fluent and I'm not able to communicate properly with fans, I feel very regretful. In the concert, I will be performing many songs which I have not performed in Korea as a gift to China fans.

(What is your current level of Chinese fluency?)
Yeon: Ah, I haven't been learning chinese through private tutoring, I've been learning through breaks during functions. But, Chinese is too hard, I feel that I haven't been making a big improvement.

(What is the most difficult thing about learning Chinese?)
Yeon: I think it's the pronounciation, Korean isn't the same as Chinese which has four different tones. So, when I use one tone to say something in Chinese, Chinese friends don't understand what I'm saying.

(Earlier at the press conference, it was revealed that you will be releasing a second Chinese album. Can you introduce the album to us?)
Yeon: Recording has already finish, there will be two new chinese songs. Even though, my chinese pronounciation is quite alright at times, but I still has to record several times. Before, I participate in "Just the Two of Us" program, there was one week where I had to memorise three Chinese songs which has helped make the recording successful.

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Yeon @ China 141109

This was taken on the day of the "Happy Camp" recording.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rehearsal for 泊客中国 Award Ceremony 141109

Press Conference for Solo Concert

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Yeon To Suprise China Fans at Concert 141109

Today, a press conference was held for Chae Yeon's upcoming solo concert in China (Beijing). On the 8th of December will be Chae Yeon's very first solo concert in China and also because it is her birthday on the 7th, she will be giving her fans a big suprise.

Chae Yeon expressed that she has had many mini concerts in China already, but this time it will be big causing her to be quite nervous. She will be giving her fans a big suprise to thank China fans for all their love for her, she will perform songs from her debut to now - including songs from her upcoming second Chinese album. She also hopes that friends who like her will come and give her support.

Recently, Jang Nara had said some things on the variety show, Strong Heart which resulted in angry netizens, Chae Yeon says that she knows of the situation. "From these situation, everyone has their own perspective. We are public figures, from this situation I have learned that wherever we are we must speak carefully, so that we will not hurt any friends that like us, I also hope the people involved do not get hurt."

There has been reports which revealed that Chae Yeon will be performing "Two Person Act" with Xiao Shen Yang for a movie song. Chae Yeon has denied this and said that she wasn't aware of this issue. At the scene, she immediately asked her manager and confirmed that the news was fake. Chae Yeon revealed much interest in working with Chinese artists to cause some spark.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Screencaptures of Yeon on Variety Show 141109

Source Credit: Chae Yeon Baidu Bar