Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Six Guys One Chae Yeon 191109

Chae Yeon starred as a guest for QTV's 'Girl Who Decides The Ranks,' along with Hyun Young, Solbi, Kim Na Young, and Lee In Hye.

During the show, Chae Yeon made the other female guests jealous by revealing that 6 male celebrities have shown interest in her at the same time.

Chae Yeon stated, "At one point, there were 6 male celebrities that showed interest in me and I talked with all of them for awhile, but in the end, none of them proposed to me."

She also revealed that she was put in an awkward situation after one of her concerts in Japan. She had gone out to dinner with a group of people she worked with and the during the dinner, a Japanese male celebrity she was sitting next to grabbed her hand underneath the table. However, while still in the state of shock, another male celebrity on the other side of her then grabbed her other hand underneath the table as well.

Chae Yeon stated, "Honestly, I was interested in one of them, but there was nothing beyond that. Surprisingly, I have a pretty passive personality for a celebrity."

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