Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yeon To Suprise China Fans at Concert 141109

Today, a press conference was held for Chae Yeon's upcoming solo concert in China (Beijing). On the 8th of December will be Chae Yeon's very first solo concert in China and also because it is her birthday on the 7th, she will be giving her fans a big suprise.

Chae Yeon expressed that she has had many mini concerts in China already, but this time it will be big causing her to be quite nervous. She will be giving her fans a big suprise to thank China fans for all their love for her, she will perform songs from her debut to now - including songs from her upcoming second Chinese album. She also hopes that friends who like her will come and give her support.

Recently, Jang Nara had said some things on the variety show, Strong Heart which resulted in angry netizens, Chae Yeon says that she knows of the situation. "From these situation, everyone has their own perspective. We are public figures, from this situation I have learned that wherever we are we must speak carefully, so that we will not hurt any friends that like us, I also hope the people involved do not get hurt."

There has been reports which revealed that Chae Yeon will be performing "Two Person Act" with Xiao Shen Yang for a movie song. Chae Yeon has denied this and said that she wasn't aware of this issue. At the scene, she immediately asked her manager and confirmed that the news was fake. Chae Yeon revealed much interest in working with Chinese artists to cause some spark.

Source Credit: Baidu
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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  1. i'm so excited about her concert!! sadly, i'm not attending... T_T
    her fans in China must be so happy!!! hope all of them go to show their support ^^

    too bad that the movie song thing is fake... hope she now gets real offers to make a song for a movie or to collaborate with chinese artists ^^