Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cyworld Diary Entry 170810

NOTE: I try my best to translate everything as accurate as possible, please forgive if I ever make any mistakes!

Am I bad??
Of course not?

Let me talk about Look Look Look

If you like it from a "innocent" liking, I am very happy...
If you like it because you want to get closer to me, talk to me and take photos with me

I am truly super super thankful
But, when people ask me for a photo and autograph, they expect a thank you from me

This makes me feel a bit uncertain

Because I can't reject, so I take the photos and sign for them politely...
Smiling and greeting
Casually, they are showing a way of politeness
I think this is worth thanking for~!
Because this is worth rejoicing for~~

Some people say that I am pretending
Those people without conscience makes me feel hurt
I am a person too, sometimes I think that its better to not being able to hear things is better??
Whats the point of that? Makes them feel better?

Even though....I still must endure....

Due to these situations
It makes me have bad attitude towards friends
Very rude

When angry I can transform into someone else?
Transform into Salt's, Angelina Jolie?

Make me angry again?? keke

Translation Credit: and ST@Yeonic


  1. Thx for the translation. ☺

  2. pity her...y she isnt marry yet..

  3. why get married when you can be single and mingle. =D

  4. hehe...but..every person in this world..wanna have children...or at least a person to share stories and live together until the end...