Monday, October 11, 2010

Chae Yeon’s beautiful selcas before bedtime 111010

Singer Chae Yeon has revealed images of herself before she fell asleep.

The photo shows her beneath her bedsheet, depicting different images of a no-makeup Chae Yeon, from pouty lips to a cute picture of herself covering her face.

On October 11th, Chae Yeon posted the photo on her Twitter saying,

“Have a good night~~^^ Woke up after dozing off, I wonder if I’ll be able to fall asleep again~ Aheung (>人<;) Although it’s a little frank, I think my eyebrows look good ke ke Boasting about my self (#^.^#) Looks like I’ll have to thank my dad today for giving me pretty eyebrows~~ Kkyak”

Netizens commented, “Your no makeup face is really lovely“, “Are you a goddess when you sleep too?“, “You have pretty face and good complexion, you could be a cosmetics model” and “You really have pretty eyebrows.”

Credit to Allkpop, Newsen and Chae Yeon's twitter

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