Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chae Yeon Named 'Refreshing Girl'

Multi-talented entertainer Chaeyeon's popularity comes from her cute and sex smile. Being labeled as "refreshing girl", it created a hot topic online.

Also, Mr Kim from a dental company in Seoul said "Recently, the online community had referred Chaeyeon as 'refreshing girl' as she combined both cute and sexiness together."

Mr Kim said that she has a sexy and full of charisma image that she shown on stage, but in variety shows, she is however a girl that is full of smiles and looks like a cute So Nyuh with her fresh smile. The charms from Chaeyeon's smile is attributed to the fact that when she smiles, her white teeth were visible. With pretty teeth, the cute and sexy Chaeyeon is able to let the viewers like her (호감) with her smiles.

Actually, whenever there are topics about "Envying Chaeyeon's cute and sexy smile", they will attract a lot of interest. Moreover, Chaeyeon who is well known for her hard work in maintaining her sexy body is also being chosen as the "artiste who is concern with maintaining healthy teeth" by the Korea Dental Association (대한치과의사협회).

On the other hand, Chaeyeon's modeling on men magazine "STUFF" had also brought in much interest with her alluring look. She had also attended Jang Youngran's wedding on the 6th of September at Yeouido's 63 building, and had sang her song "Shake" with much passion and smiles that won much cheers from the audience.

Translation Credit: energywen@soompi

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