Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sexy Diva Chae Yeon's Price Doubles Throughout Asia 2309009

Singer, Chae Yeon has become a hot artist who has been requested to perform for many events throughout Asia.

A representative from Chae Yeon's company, Medialine says "There have been over 20 companies that have contacted us about hoping to be able to work with Chae Yeon. They are from various countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and many other asian countries."

Chae Yeon already belongs to a company in China, for the time being they are also dealing with Chae Yeon's schedule for other asian countries such as Hong Kong. Though, she already belongs to a company, many others have expressed their interest in working with her, proving her popoularity throughout Asia.

Source Credit: 蔡妍中文网
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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  1. yay!!
    i'm happy for her, she's doing so well!!
    it's impossible not to love her ^^

    i would like to see her holding concerts in those countries, like... big concerts! and also collaborating with other artists ^^

    thanks for sharing, ST!