Friday, September 18, 2009

Yeon Was Suppose to be Apart of a Idol Group? 180909

Singer, Chae Yeon revealed that when she was a trainee, she was almost casted to be in a female idol group.

On the 18th, according to KBS2 "Star Golden Bell" staff revealed that during the episode, MC Kim said to Chae Yeon "I heard that before you debuted as a solo artist, you were almost casted to do something else?" Chae Yeon said "When I was a trainee, I almost became apart of a female idol group."

Following that, she said "That was the plan during that period, but the company said 'the song has already been released, you can only lip-sync' But, it was also because of my tomboy image which resulted in them giving up on me."

Now, Chae Yeon is performing her sequel song "Baboya" for events. The episode of Star Golden Bell will broadcast on the 19th.

Source Credit: 蔡妍中文网 暖风
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

I have BOLDED the korean sentence, as the chinese translation didn't really make sense to me. So, the english sentence probably doesn't make any sense either? If anyone who knows korean would be kind enough to translate that sentence to me - PLEASE COMMENT BELOW, so that I can change it! THANK YOU!

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  1. thnx ST
    i'm glad she isn't in a group but sometimes i wish she was in a group u now like hyori she might have more fans