Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yeon 'Shakes' China 030909

Chae Yeon receives continuous requests to focus on China events.

From releasing mini album, "Shake" Chae Yeon has been invited to perform in various events in China, which resulted in shortening the time period of Korea events and will now focus on China events. On the 6th will be the last time Chae Yeon performs on Inkigayo for her "Shake" mini album. After, she will be going back and forth to China and Korea for events.

Today, Chae Yeon's company staff revealed "Chae Yeon's 'Shake' has already spread to China fans, recently many have invited Chae Yeon to perform. For the time being, Chae Yeon will only MC for M! Countdown and focus on China activities."

Source Credit: YanSe
Translation Credit: YanSe and ST@Yeonic


  1. I <3 You Chae Yeon shi!!! 화이팅!!!

  2. now i see why
    i 'll miss her but its great thou

  3. ^ ^

    Chiness album!!!!

    i'd like to see her on stage again.

    Yeonie Figjting!!!