Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chinese Album

Album Name: Shake
Release Date: 27th October

The album will consist of 6 songs, the genre of the songs will vary from Electro, House, Latin and other dance type songs.

Track 1: Ask Me to Dance
DJ Koo helped out with producing this song, the genre of the this song will be Electro House type song.

Track 2: Bloom
Featuring classicial instruments and also rock instruments in live performances with Chae Yeon to create a out of ordinary feeling.

Track 3: Passionate Opening
Super sexy style, features latin style. Very suitable for karaoke singing, singing and dancing at the same time.

Track 4: Love Scriptures (?)
Da la de la la melodies..sweeping all chinese and korean charts. Sweet house dance song. Similar to Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry".

NOTE: Some of my translations maybe incorrect!

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Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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