Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yeon Leaves Message @ Cafe for Rainbows (China fans) 091009

Her messages are always so caring towards fans! <3

Hello Hello~~~ From Chae Yeon (Asia)

Really sleepy now

But I thought I should leave a message.....I'm nice right? hohoho

Oh...I still can't go onto my chinese cyworld

Because I cannot read....

So I'm leaving a message at the Korean Cafe

I will continue to leave message

Hope everyone can help translate...- -


Qingdao...went there recently...

Actually, I wanted to leave a message before I everyone could come

But the things I wanted to say might cause everyone to become I didn't leave a message

Lots of people came, lots of presents, lots of fruit.

I was shocked..even the staff was, celebrity friends were even more shocked

Anyway........really thank you to everyone.

But, I am also very very sorry...

I know everyone doesn't like me saying sorry, so this word is now cancelled!~~ ho ho

If I talk to much about China fans, Korea fans will get angry...

Every word I say is very tiring...but, I am also the person who is receiving the most love

Everytime I return to Korea, in the airport at China, China fans will say "Don't go"..

At those times my heart feels......

China is very big....but to see wait for a few hours, sometimes even 10+ hours...

Can't even say one word to me and I have to go already

I feel very guilty...

Because I'm so sleepy, I will stop here

I will still come on..but don't know when,

(In my mind I'm thinking: what's this..strange, don't finish writing? ho ho..I don't care. I have to go to sleep kekekekeke)

Source Credit: Baidu
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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  1. chae yeon is so nice 2 her fans ^^
    love her so much <3
    thanks ST for translation :D