Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeon Message @ Cafe 281009

Like today, finish eating dinner early...

This time is very lonely...--




Stomach is hungry again~~kekeke


Fried chicken and beer~~ (But I only eat one type of fried chicken^^ so picky~~keke)

maybe...toast bread~ (when eating toast bread, I only drink one type of beverage...I'm really picky~keke)

hm...hm...hm...and...what else is there??? keke thinking about a fortunate person --;

But I can't think of it...

I really like to eat beef soup in the middle of the night~~


Talking about a lot of food useless topic...

Hm...everyone must be curious, just eat if you want to eat...

Because I'm lazy to go out

I am a woman very scary to go out at night~~ haha ^^;

If I eat now, tomorrow morning I won't feel like eating...

Eating too much, sleep time will be very hard...

Because of this, not eating is the best ^^

Can you sleep??

Tired sleepy isn't good, just sleep...keke but I don't sleep...

Aiyo, I have to go to sleep, have to eat tomorrow morning~~~

What is delicious to eat?? Thinking about these to sleep...

Eating topic is closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are we talking about now???

Will be going to China often in November....

DG friends is very jealous as there are no functions now...(Dangerous fans?)

Skinny cannot get any skinner....hahaha


Everyone is sleeping soundly??

Anyway anyway

Hope everyone is healthy DG's~~

Yeon Chae mummy is going...............................sleeping time haha~~



(The nickname Yeon Chae mummy has to apologise? what should I do? is it too mushy? ah...no..others won't see right?? oh wells?? once won't hurt...--;)




So, conclusion is

Sometimes very caring, picky, scared of going out late, going to China often, gets hungry often and often sleeping late woman


yeon ^^

Source Credit: leechaeyeon.com
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic


  1. thanks for the translations!!
    love Yeonie's messages... ^^ she can be so random sometimes!! that's part of her charm ;)

    Chae Yeon mummy? ^^
    she's adorable!!


  2. thank u
    she is soo cute