Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeon Message 2 @ Cafe 281009

Heard about the survery, came 10th?? (referring to Korean Artists Public Image Satisfaction 2009 Survey)

Defeated many people, honourable 10th ^^


I'm....not satisfied --;

I'm not 1st ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!


Haha, only joking ^^

Mood is quite good~~ often going to China, if my name wasn't there, I would cry...ㅠ

Next month, every week I will be going to China....I request everyone..

Please help this weak and young (?) girl ^^ help me~~~

Everyone is good?? (Too early to ask??) keke

Will see everyone soon~~~~~~~~

Shanghai~~~~~yoohu yoohu

(From Chae Yeon message please read~~~~ wrote a lot of useless things today~~~)

Bye bye

Source Credit: leechaeyeon.com
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic


  1. She deserve higher than 10th considering she traveled to China more than the other top 10th. Nonetheless, I'm happy she made the list. She is so cute with her messages.

  2. next time she 'll get higher than 10th pretty sure ^___^