Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Support for China Solo Concert 091209

We heard that Chae Yeon nuna is having a big concert in China.
*claps* Congratulations!
Chae Yeon sunbaenim often looks after us, we like her alot.
We hope that the concert will be successfully and have a happy ending!

Leeteuk and EunHyuk
Hello everyone, we are Super Junior!
Loud congratulations! *claps*
Korea's sexy icon, Chae Yeon nuna is holding a big concert in China.
China fans must be very very excited!
There must a lot of male fans!
Ni hao! I am Super Junior's leader - LeeTeuk (Chinese)
I am Eunhyuk (Chinese)
I miss you all (Chinese)
We also really want to see our chinese fans.
We hope that Chae Yeon nuna will be successful and have a fun night!

Wonder Girls
Hello everyone, we are the Wonder Girls.
Chae Yeon sunbaenim is having a big concert in China
Wah~~ Congratulations!
Actually, we've been to Beijing a couple of times.
It is a very pretty city and fans are very passionate.
We hope that we will also be able to hold a concert in Beijing very soon.
We wish that Chae Yeon unnie will have a successful concert and that everyone will have a memorable night.

Hello everyone, we are 2PM!
Chae Yeon nuna's first time! Big! Solo concert!
Big concert! In China! Wah~~
Hello everyone (Chinese)
We really hope that we would be able to hold a concert in China too.
We heard that Chae Yeon nuna is very popular in China.
And, Chae Yeon nuna has also specially prepared a surprise present for fans~~~
Really? Really?
What is it??
I don't know~
*dong dong*

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Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic


  1. awww. it's nice to see other kpop artists congratulating her! i never knew she personally knew shinee! that's awesome. i liked how suju, 2pm, && shinee congratulated her! wish to c more interaction between those groups && chae yeon unnie!
    i also wanna congratulate unnie too! saranghaeyo unnie!

    thnx for translating it =]

  2. oh thank u 4 translating it , its nice to see them support my girl :D
    2PM <3