Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yeon CAFE Message 091209

Topic Title: Finally...

From.채연(Asia): 09.12.09 17:41

At home

I'm sleepy~~~~~~~


Fortunate....very very ^^

PART TWO 09.12.09 17:43

I am Chae Yeon

Gave me a very happy birthday ^^

Just returned home from China ^^

I felt like an idol (young singers thesedays in the Kpop industry) from how many fans I saw keke

Ah hoho

Recently, Yeon Chae's modd is very good haha

Because of this~~

Should sleep...^^


Weather is very cold, becareful don't catch a cold

Couldn't have a birthday party today sorry~~

I have received all your thoughts (some weren't able to give her birthday presents I presume)

Don't worry ^^

Source Credit: Baidu
Translation Credit: Baidu and ST@Yeonic

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