Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yeon's Habbit Once She Enters Her Apartment 311209

Just couldn't help myself XD One last update for the year!

In the recent episode of QTV "Female Ranking", Chae Yeon reveals her daily habbit once she reaches the inside of her apartment. "After I enter my apartment and close the door, I would start to take off my clothes and just put them anywhere I can reach at the time."

Chae Yeon says "I hate bringing clothes that I've worn for the day into the house. Even if I have family over, I still do the same no matter what." This caused shock to the other guests.

During the episode, Chae Yeon hears that in the eyes of males, she is ranked in the top half which causes her to feel very happy about this. Also, Chae Yeon says "I have quite alot of stage performance outfits. If everyone stays for a night at my place, wearing the outfits would be enough to make it a formal event." After she said this, it caused much laughter.

Source Credit: Chae Yeon Chinese Fansite
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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