Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eason Chan Thinks Yeon Is Sexy and Cute 300809

Eason Chan Thinks Yeon Is Sexy and Cute 300809

After the Torch Relay for the East Asian Games, a group of singers - Eason Chan, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Chae Yeon and many more participated in the "East Asian Games Night Event"

Korean singer, Chae Yeon worked with Eason for the first time, she revealed that she felt very honoured. It was the first time, that the two officialy met, the both of them continously bowed to greet each other causing the atmosphere to be quite funny. Although, there was a language barrier, Eason expressed that Chae Yeon is quite a sexy and cute person. He also anticipates to work with her again.

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  1. thanks for update.

    Yeonie so cute, everyone would like to work with her.