Monday, August 24, 2009

Yeon Cyworld Update 250809

I am still waiting for translations, check later for update on post!

Some of the words were quite difficult to word into english, so if anyone would like to give me some corrections, please leave a comment and I'll fix it! :) Thanks!

위에 보고 아래보고 ...입술에 힘은 빼고
Looking up, looking down....losing the hardness of the lips

고개는 돌리고 앞에 봤다가 살짝 돌렸다가 내렸다가 올렸다가.... 슬쩍 웃었다가 말았다가..
Turning my head, looking straight, turning my head again, lifting it up....laughing a bit, going down

셧터소리만큼이나 바쁜 ...
Too busy shooting, the only sound I'm able to hear is the 'clicking' camera sound....

She also added these arena magazine photos on her cyworld!

Source Credit: Chae Yeon Baidu Bar and Yeon's Cyworld
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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  1. thanks for translated so much, ST.

    i'd like to see this set so much. i thinks that from ARENA same.

    if you never mind, i'd like to take this out with "SY@Yeonic" credit.

    sharing for thai fans.