Saturday, August 22, 2009

Teary Episode of Star Junior: Yeon Regrets Not Being Able to go to Public Bathouse with Mother 220809

Singer, Chae Yeon gets teary on the variety program "Star Junior" as she expresses that she regrets not being able to go to a public bathouse once with her mother.

On the variety program, SBS Star Junior, Chae Yeon says "I feel very unfilial towards my mother not being able to go with her."

Chae Yeon says "Before debut because I was in Japan working so I was not able to go with her, after debut due to my sexy star image I was not able to go to a public bathouse. Each time she goes alone, she comes back saying 'Others have their daughter to accompany them.' I always feel very guilty after hearing this."

During the program, Chae Yeon specially revealed "At home, I act as a strong daughter. In front of my parents, I have never cried." After, Chae Yeon's mother read out the letter she had written for her daughter. Hearing the letter contents, Chae Yeon wasn't able to bear it and had got teary, causing the audience to feel their family love.

Towards the end of the program, Chae Yeon and her mother performed "Shake" together revealing their deep motherly love. The program will air on the 22nd of August at 5:15pm.

Source Credit: sunhee 海豚 @
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic

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