Monday, August 31, 2009

Singer Chae Yeon Transforms Into Rock Girl 010909

Chae Yeon transforms into a rock girl for the "Stuff" Magazine Cover September Issue 2009, letting everyone see the side that has never been seen before.

Awhile ago, "Stuff" magazine had created a brand new image for Clazziquai member, Horan for the cover page which became a hot topic among netizens. This time, "Stuff" has created a new image for Chae Yeon as a sexy rock girl.

Chae Yeon had changed outfits during the very short time, from elegant night gown with'electrifying' eyes and sexy expression, it caused much admiration for the staff.

The person who was in charge of this photoshoot says "Although we were a bit worried about changing Chae Yeon to a rock girl image, but she was able to mix the feelings of rock and sexiness together which resulted in a good photoshoot."

Source Credit: Chae Yeon Baidu Bar
Translation Credit: ST@Yeonic


  1. ST; thanks for translate.

    Yeonie so godd personality, sexy rock girl.

    i like her pic with guitar.

  2. Totally new image of Chae Yeon. Yeonie rocks!